By Rozina Spinnoy

During the pandemic, there was much time to reflect on the role of design, culture and creativity and it’s impact on many important topics within our society. Along with other topics and sectors that are relevant in today’s climate. Podcast sessions on ‘Designing Conversations’ seemed like a good start to have some interesting conversations on a variety of topics of interest. Especially, when we have the physical distancing during these times, it is an important element to keep the ‘social’ aspect ongoing.

It is important to continue to connect and experiment on different mediums to the global audience with the Designing Conversations Podcast Sessions. Connecting and talking to people in my own network, as though they were sitting having a coffee together with me in my home. On topics, that are important to me, such as the first series of talks around Inclusion in the Creative and Cultural Industries. Focussing on a variety of sectors from Fashion Design, Urban Design and other sectors. Delving deeper in what makes people tick, what shapes them, how culture, creativity and their environments and experiences have shaped them. How they bring their values and purpose into their work environment.

Our first guest during this month is Fashion Consultant, Alexandra Pisco of Pisco & Co. An insight into Alexandra’s work, life and views. Listen to the Podcast via the link below. Also also available on other podcast platforms of Apple, Castbox, Anchor. Enjoy!


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