Together with our vast network of leading experts and business partners, from various business sectors from private to public sectors, we can help you incorporate creativity, design and innovation in your required area. Whether you are a start-up, individual entrepreneur or established business, we can help your business grow.

What We Offer You


Design for People, Planet, Environment & Organizations

Transform your way of working, services, environment or culture and within your organisation with design strategy, foresight and systems thinking. We can help you incorporate creativity and design thinking into your way of working or within your organization or you require specific expertise from our network and specialized teams on how to ‘connect the dots’. We can help you better understand what tools and practices you require to transform your organisation, processes and environment with placing the Sustainable Development Goals at the heart. We can put together our team of experts from various backgrounds, a dynamic team that can work together with you from the initial infrastructure and concept level of your project or challenge to delivering a solution that works for the people and the planet. We can be totally flexible to your needs and requirement.

f11Community Projects

The Belgium Design Council, works on a number of community projects. Creating a better understanding of when connecting and collaborating on a diverse range of projects from local sports clubs, education to municiple and district level projects with incorporating a creative perspective. In this multicultural society and growing societal challenges, we can gather our expertise and by communicating and collaborating we can help to achieve a better and more sustainable and equal world. One of the main projects we are working on at the moment, is the development of the holistic community and environment centric remodelling of the Improvement Districts within Belgium.

f22BDC Innovation Lab

Providing total creative concept solutions for Clients held with our team of experts at one of our Partner locations. We create workshops with our panel of experts with design tools to help you better understand the solutions to your challenges. Collaborating with our expert Partner organizations with workshop and advisory sessions located within dynamic and creative environments.

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