Belgium Design Council ‘E3’ mantra – ‘Excellence, Enterprise and Efficiency’

Good design has vital role to play in our everyday lives. It can improve how we live, function and organize our lives. The Belgium Design Council has it core values embedded in encouraging Enterprising, Efficiency and Excellence in it’s culture. This has become our “E3” mantra. Using Design, Creativity, Sustainability, Innovation and Technology, as a key levers for change.

What We Offer You

Design for People, Planet, Environment & Organizations

Transform your way of working, services, environment or culture and within your organisation with design strategy, foresight and systems thinking .


Community Projects

The Belgium Design Council, works on a number of community projects. Creating a better understanding of when connecting and collaborating on a diverse range of projects from local sports clubs


E3 Innovation Lab

Providing total creative concept solutions for Clients, held with our team of experts at one of our Partner locations. We create workshops with our panel of experts with design tools to help you.