We have been observing and experiencing during the last year the Black Lives Matter movements around the world. instigated by the horrific death of Mr George Floyd. This horrific incident had an impact across many industries and sectors to hold a mirror to their own organisations and speak out. In particular to the lack of systemic inclusion and diversity within their own, organisations. Many organisations have spoken out and taken accountability and responsibility and taking initiatives to drive change.

The BDC had always had a drive for systemic inclusion. This grass-roots launch of the BDC, was inherently driven by the need for ‘designing more inclusive communities’, with our sister organisation of BIDs Belgium.

During this period we have also been reading and reflecting about the wider impact of Covid19 and it’s impact across our communities. From not only the health inequalities, yet also the impact with the socio-economic divide, the spatial divides within cities, along with the Black Lives Matters movement. We have read the McKinsey report on how diversity matters and the instrinsic value and benefits it has. Along with this, we have been observing from many of our peers across the world a variety of initiatives that have been undertaken, yet unaware of any in Belgium that are outwardly promoting Black and ethno-culturally diverse creatives businesses, ngo’s and freelancers.

Belgium Design Council launches initiatives to help promote, encourage dialogue and cross-cultural creative collaborations across the spectrum of the creative and cultural industries. Now more than ever is the time to help promote the creative and cultural industries and businesses that are enthno- culturally diverse. 

Therefore, knowing the above and also holding this subject close to many of our  our hearts, the BDC has initiated conversations, debates & dialogues with reaching out to our diverse eco-system at home and abroad. Highlighting the lack of diversity across a variety of the Creativity and Cultural Industries. With ‘Designing for Inclusion’. Aiming at helping to promote and encourage dialogues and conversation for Black and ethnically diverse creatives, freelancers and professionals.  

The Belgium Design Council and it’s sister NGO of BIDs Belgium, is wishing to help drive this change with entrepreneurs, freelancers, organisations, collaborators, partners and Governments,  with advocating, collaborating, sharing and exchanging with those who share our vision of ‘designing’ inclusive communities. Those who believe that we also need more diversity and inclusion in design, across the the whole sector of the Creative and Cultural Industries…and beyond!

We’ll be sharing more on this and our related initiatives in our next Blog.

BLACK LIVES MATTER – Designing for Inclusion

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