f2The Belgium Design Council was formed under a year ago, with the belief for the opportunity for this organization to be about collaboration at all levels. With being party independent and Region ‘neutral’. Driving certain projects and injecting the creativity, design thinking, technology and innovation as key levers for change in our communities.

One of the projects we are developing, has been initiated at a ‘grass roots’ level approach with a desire to implement Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in our Cities and Communes. This has gained some ‘buy-in’ from some of the retailers in Brussels, who are very interested to know how this framework can help them. Whilst this is a grass roots initiative, we have been very open in communicating our desire for this to a few of the Brussels Politicians.

With injecting some creativity, design thinking, technology, we believe the existing proven framework of the BIDs can be ‘scaled up’ and improved and implemented in Brussels for further socio/economic regeneration.We believe we can achieve a better, ‘Smarter’ city if we collaborate and work together and improve existing structures. For the BDC this means the driving the project with key stakeholders and collaborators jumping on board as and when they feel comfortable to participate.

Speaking to the many retailers/business owners and even some of our politicians, they are quick to remind us of the complex the political structure is in Brussels, of which we are well aware. Hence, why we believe a project like this has to be driven privately initially, with maintaining a level of transparency over desire and wish to create these districts. Also with support from potential partners. We have been speaking and researching with many people from other Cities that have implemented such districts, with great success we’re happy to say. Some of these people have been open and willing to share how this was achieved and share best practices.

In saying all of that, the BDC was due to present our ideas for implementing the BIDs on Tuesday 22nd of March. Sadly, as we know tragedy hit our City of Brussels and the event was cancelled. We will be rescheduling this event for the evening of Wednesday 20th April and we’ll communicate the new venue soon.

This is a project that the Belgium Design Council is passionate about implementing in order to address some of the issues facing our businesses, retailers and our communities. This presentation will be addressed to a selected few. Including a few selected Retail Managers, Business Owners and Hoteliers, with a couple of City representatives hopefully.

If you are interested in attending or knowing more about this project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@belgiumdesigncouncil.com




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