53635We work across our Public Sectors, Businesses, Communities and non-profit organizations improving our everyday environments. We do this by providing consultations services with our business partner group of leading experts and partner organizations in demonstrating the value of design, creativity and innovation.

We work across various projects at infrastructure level. Embedding design thinking and creativity into the foundation of projects.

The BDC is currently working on of our major projects of introducing the roll out of the Business Improvement Districts in Belgium. The BIDs are currently implemented across the UK across over 200 districts. The concept was initially created in Cananda and the US. With taking best practices and working with our contacts across various regions and countries, we are working on creating a platform in which BIDs can be implemented into Communes in Brussels and beyond. Injecting creativity and innovation within this exciting process.

Other projects involve, co-creation and working with several companies and talented individuals, promoting design, creativity and innovation. We are involved in projects of ‘Bridging the Gap’ between Creatives and the Commercial’ sector. As well as, creating networking and showcasing platforms and opportunities for individuals with a creative passion, that they wish to nurture and grow within an entrepreneurial environment, with our strategic Partners.

Linking these projects with collaborating with the strategic alliances we have formed in the a variety of sectors.